5 Benefits of Using a Red Light Face Mask

5 benefits of using a Red Light Face Mask

Are you looking to improve your skin tone, boost your complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce the visibility of scars? Then this article is just what you need.

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You've probably seen your favorite influencer on TikTok or Instagram promoting a Red Light Face Mask. These devices may look scary at first glance, but the benefits of wearing one for 10 minutes daily far outweighs the benefits of looking like Hannibal Lecter.


How Does a Red Light Face Mask Work?

A woman using a Red Light Face Mask

A Red Light Face Mask delivers bioactive frequencies of red and near-infrared light to your skin. These frequencies of light penetrate deep into the skin boosting ATP production, thus providing more energy for regenerative processes in the skin.

This boost in energy provides and increases blood circulation. This increased blood flow rises to the surface of your skin, giving you a stunning glow and boosted complexion.

This holistic beauty treatment was once only afforded to those who could afford to visit expensive salons, but now you can purchase Red Light Face Masks and use them from the comfort of your own home.

Just take a look at this incredible before and after picture of Whitney, who used BON CHARGE Red Light Therapy to achieve a noticeably better skin appearance, showing red light therapy works!

Whitney's skin transformation after only 2 weeks



Whilst there are many of benefits of using a Red Light Face Mask, this article will explore the top 5 benefits in more detail. 


1.    Convenient and Safe at Home Use

Once found only in salons across the country, Red Light Face Masks were only accessible by the wealthy. However, the improvement in wellness technology over the past few years has enabled this incredible device to be brought into the home.

The incredible benefit allows you to use the product in the comfort of your own home. For optimal results, you can use it for 10 minutes per day while watching TV, cooking, or reading. 

This saves time on your hectic day, meaning more time is spent doing the things you love.

A red light therapy session in a Salon can cost upwards of $100 per session. The Red Light Face Mask from BON CHARGE only costs $349 USD, meaning in just 4 uses, you would have paid off the cost of this incredible device.


2.    Minimize the Appearance of Blemishes and Spots

Blemishes and spots can cause us to have a crisis of confidence. The usual method of repair is using harsh chemicals on the skin, which may solve the issue but comes at a cost.

Studies have shown that red light therapy can reduce the appearance of scar tissue, blemishes, wound healing, spots and other skin conditions. This incredible non-invasive treatment can start giving you results in as little as 10 minutes of use per day for 4-12 weeks.

The great news is that this pain-free method of reducing the appearance of blemishes and spots does not cost the earth and is super easy to use. Once you have finished using the Red Light Face Mask, you just wipe it down with a damp cloth.


3.    Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The signs of aging get us all; that’s inevitable. But you no longer have to age gracefully when implementing a Red Light Face Mask into your beauty routine.


There are many invasive ways to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that may be damaging to your health and expensive.

Studies have suggested that red light therapy devices can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This helps reduce signs of aging by reducing fine lines appearance and wrinkles.

Wearing the Red Light Face Mask for 10 minutes 3-5 times a week should start you seeing results in only a few weeks. Ensure that when you pick an LED Mask, you choose one that comes with clinically proven wavelengths of red and NIR light. Some masks contain blue and green light, which can disrupt your circadian rhythms and sleep. These blue LED masks should be avoided.


4.    Faster Results with a BON CHARGE Red Light Face Mask

Not all Red Light Face Masks are created equal. Many LED Face Masks come with blue and green light included. Whilst studies have shown this type of light might be good at reducing the appearance of acne scars, it also disrupts your circadian rhythm.

The BON CHARGE Red Light Face Mask only uses frequencies of red and near-infrared light that have been studied extensively in the academic literature. This LED Mask also comes with a lab-grade irradiance, meaning you get quicker results using a BON CHARGE Red Light Face Mask.


5.    Improve Skin Tone

Skin texture and tone are important in any skincare routine. The contouring effect of Red Light Face Masks has been well documented. By using LED Light Therapy consistently, you can see visible improvements to skin tone and texture in little time. Red Light Face Masks can also help regulate oil production in the facial skin, allowing for better-looking skin and less oily/dry skin.


Extra Benefits of Red Light Face Masks for Men

Man using a Red Light Face Mask

While men can see the same benefits as women when using a Red Light Face Mask, they can also experience other benefits. Red Light Face Masks are great for men's post-shave experience.

Red Light Face Masks can help reduce razor burns and knicks caused by shaving.

Just pop on the Red Light Face Mask post-shave for 10 minutes to boost your skin’s appearance.

Face Masks are not just for Christian Bale in American Psycho!


Are There Risks When Using a Red Light Face Mask?

When using a Red Light Face Mask, it's always best to follow the instructions in the manual for your given device before use. Whilst it has been documented in numerous studies that red light therapy is safe for use, it is always best to perform a photosensitivity test before use to ensure you do not have any adverse reaction to red light therapy. 

Another common concern with users of red light therapy is whether you should wear goggles. Wearing goggles when using larger red light therapy panels is important, but you do not need to wear goggles when using a red light face mask. The lower light intensity levels in LED masks are often not enough to damage the eyes.


Key Takeaways

Buy the BON CHARGE Red Light Face Mask here

Red Light Face Masks have numerous benefits, from boosting skin complexion to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This noninvasive holistic beauty tool is an incredible go-to at-home device that will give you more confidence in your skin’s appearance.

When opting for the best Red Light Face Mask, always use one like the BON CHARGE Red Light Face Mask, which is backed by science and uses the correct non-circadian disrupting light.


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