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Biohacker's Bundle

Biohacker's Bundle

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Optimize Wellness
Improve Sleep
Feel More Relaxed

Optimize your sleep, performance, and well-being with our hand-picked assortment of biohacking goodies around 40% off RRP!

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Unlock your full potential with the Biohacker's Bundle

An expertly curated assortment of cutting-edge products designed to enhance your sleep quality, boost productivity, and promote overall well-being. Whether you're a biohacking enthusiast or simply seeking ways to optimize your daily routine, this bundle is your ultimate toolkit for peak performance.

For the price of 1 pair of blue light glasses, you can own five biohacking products to elevate your wellness, improve your sleep and feel better!

Here's what you'll find in the Biohacker's Bundle:

Blue Light Blocking Torch

Rp 202.675,00 IDR Rp 335.000,00 IDR

Combat the negative effects of artificial light with our Blue Light Blocking Torch. Emitting a pure red glow, this compact and portable torch helps you move about at night without disrupting your circadian rhythm.

Blackout Contoured Sleep Mask

Rp 472.505,00 IDR Rp 781.000,00 IDR

Experience deep, restorative sleep with our Contoured Black Out Sleep Mask. Crafted from luxurious, soft fabric, it snugly blocks unwanted light, helping you wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day.

Ice Roller

Rp 269.830,00 IDR Rp 446.000,00 IDR

Revitalize your skin with our high-quality Ice Roller. This handy tool helps reduce puffiness and soothe muscles, ideal for a quick pick-me-up in your skincare routine.

Harmonising Sticker

Rp 134.915,00 IDR Rp 223.000,00 IDR

Restore balance and harmony to your energetic field with our Harmonising Sticker. Infused with innovative technology, this discreet sticker can be applied to any electronic device. (iPhone not included)

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Rp 1.147.080,00 IDR Rp 1.896.000,00 IDR

Optimize your relaxation and melatonin production with our science-backed Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Wear them 2-3 hours before bed to improve sleep quality by blocking harmful blue and green light (400nm to 550nm). Glasses included will be our choice and will be a unisex frame.

The Biohacker's Bundle is your gateway to a more balanced and optimized lifestyle. Harness the power of cutting-edge technology and scientifically backed products to improve your sleep quality, enhance your focus, and revitalize your well-being.

Upgrade your daily routine and unlock your true potential with the Biohacker's Bundle today!

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What Our Customers Say?

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great value

I had my eye on this bundle for a while, finally biting the bullet following an offer. My sleep has improved drastically - the eye mask is great quality and the glasses have really improved my sleep issues. I wasn't really bothered about the extras but I have been using the ice roller.
Feels like good value

Great value

I have loved the blue light blocking glasses and particularly notice that I will start profoundly yawning while wearing them at night… much more than usual! Thanks for the melatonin, this really works!

Rachel Keller
Excellent products

I've bought several different blue blocking glasses, and these are the highest quality ones I've tried. The sleep mask is comfortable and excellent for blocking out light. I usually walk in the dark if I get up at night, but the flashlight is perfect for when I need to find something or I am in a different place and need a little light to see. The roller feels cool and calming on the skin. My only complaint was the long time it took to receive my order--over a month--but it was worth the wait!

James Beck
Great value for the price

Everything in the bundle works well and everything is useful.

Biohackers Bundle

What a great buy this was!! Quick delivery of products. I love the flexible lamp and carry it from from bedroom to bathroom when getting ready for bed do I don't have to put main lights on. Absolutely LOVE the eye mask, it's the best one I have ever had, it is so good I forgot to turn the light off one night and didn't realise until the next day! Have used the cold roller ball on my legs after long runs. I haven't used the torch yet. This bundle is exceptional value for money.

Biohacker's Bundle

Rp 2.231.000,00